Fill glass bottles with grains and spices for a colorful arrangement.

Recycling Products For Decorating Your Home

It feels awesome to reproduce something cool from old, rejected materials. From this instructional exercise you can figure out how to make a cool wind-toll from old can and egg shells.

Wind Chime

What you require?

Unfilled can, beading (plastic) string, precious stone dots, rings 6, Awl and mallet, egg shells, acrylic paint and paint brush.


First step
Clean the can before beginning. Utilize a marker to stamp the spots where you need to make the openings on the can. It’s ideal to keep much number of gaps and equivalent separation between them. Initially, we should make the openings on the can’s base which will be the top side of the wind-toll. Make 6 gaps around the inside for the tolls. Make 4 gaps around the base edge for the hanging component. Make 6 more gaps around the top open edge of the can this will be base side of the wind-ring. Place the can on a wooden load up and the drawbore on the stamped spot and sledge 1-2 times on the bits’ handle to make the gap.

Second step
Accumulate 3-4 egg shells and clean them pleasantly. Paint them utilizing 3-4 unique paints, verify that the shading mix is great. After the paint dries smash the egg shells into little pieces.

Third step
Shading the can utilizing dark acrylic paint and permit the paint to dry. At that point, apply stick on the can and place the shaded eggshell mosaics on the paste. Spread the entire can with eggshell mosaics and permit the paste to dry.

Fourth step
Choose the length for the wind-ring including the hanging system, the can, string and tolls. Take a beading string plastic string twofold the length of the obliged length for the wind-toll. Append a toll on any one side of the string and a couple dabs yet keep a large portion of the string in place. Essentially plan 2 more strings as you’ll need 3 of them to make the wind-toll.

Fifth step
Take any of the beaded strings and supplement it through any of the 6 gaps around the middle on the can’s base, from within the can.

Sixth step
Presently, dot whatever is left of the string and join a toll on the end. Make a point to tie a bunch or two to secure the globules and the tolls. So also connect the other 2 beaded strings alongside the rings.

Seventh step
Presently to join the hanging component. Take 2 strings in length enough to make the hanging system. Embed the string through any 1 of the 4 gaps around the base edge of the can and draw it through the opening beside it. Thus connect the other string and globule them. Hold both strings together, keeping equivalent measure of string on each of the 4 sections and tie a bunch or 2 firmly and conveniently.

Eighth step
Take 6 all the more beading strings of irregular length and globule them as you need. Connect them with the can around the open top edge.

Making a Clutch from Old Scarves

What you will require?

2 Patterned Scarves, Stabilizer, Sewing Machine


  • Cut your scarves and stabilizer into 10″x12.5″ rectangles. You ought to have 1 rectangle from every scarf and 1 rectangle of stabilizer.
  • Stack your scarves and stabilizer, fold them down the middle and trim a 1″ triangle off of 1 end. This will be the front/top of your grip.
  • Stack your 2 scarves right sides together and your stabilizer on top. Fasten around the 2 sides and the top, leaving the base open.
  • Flip right side out so that your stabilizer is with you.
  • Iron the base edges in a 1/4″ and run a line along the base edge to shut everything down opening.
  • Fold the base edge of your grip 1/3 of the path up and pin it.
  • Line the 2 edges with the goal that it is sewed down on the sides.
  • Cut a 2.5″x14″ strip from your extra scarf pieces. Fold it into equal parts and join down the long side.
  • Flip right side out and join the 2 open finishes shut.
  • Pin one end of your scarf strap onto the highest point of your grip.
  • Join the end down, then flip it over and fasten it down going the other bearing as presented underneath.
  • To close your grip, wrap the strap around and tie it.

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